“200 million years – Petrified tree”

Museu de Arte Moderna
Universidade Federal de Santa Maria

Anna Barros

This is a trilogy:  seed, tree, petrified tree. The elements are from brazilian trees (tabebuia or  Ypê and Lagerstroemia Indica or Resedá), it’s seeds, branches and a sample of a 200 million years petrified tree found in the Paleobotanic Museum at Mata – RS. These three elements are the extenuating circumstances in a narrative that unfolds in a poetic presentation, by means of scientific samples scanned by the Scanning Electron Microscope and the Atomic Force Microscope. The matter was processed by 3D computer programs to keep the characteristics of nanotechnology, which images emphasize the tactile perception of the topography generated by the microscopes. The choice of animations comes from the characteristic of the nano universe, where atoms are in a continuous dance of energy. The working scale is less than 500 nm, being 1nm = 1 billionth of a meter.

Animações: Anna Barros
Design sonoro: Wilson Sukorski

Esta Instalação foi doada pela autora para o Museu da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria em 20113, durante o evento em que Anna Barros foi premiada com a Medalha de Mérito artístico pela mesma Universidade.


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